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Digital pathology is sweeping the globe, adding the convenience of bright displays, sophisticated software and digital archives to the mature histopathology process. Digital images are stable over time and can be quickly transported over computer networks to bring the best people and the best images together to improve patient care. Countries vary in their uptake of this new technology, and in the United States of America, the FDA has cleared digital products only for a select subset of IHC applications. For non-USA customers, feel free to visit our non-USA specific site. 

FDA clearance specifics 

  • For USA customers, please be aware that Barco displays are not FDA cleared for primary diagnosis of pathology. 
  • Certain Barco medical displays are components of FDA cleared systems used for IHC stains HER2, ER, KI67. Barco does not warrant their suitability for pathology diagnosis except when purchased and maintained as part of these cleared systems. 
  • Pathology labs frequently develop their own systems and also have need of displays for review purposes. Barco displays are cleared for review and diagnosis of medical images, but not specifically suggested for pathology.

What people love about Barco medical displays 

  • Fast viewing, panning and zooming in on medical images with the powerful Barco display controllers 
  • Intervention-free color calibration and record keeping with QAWeb 
  • See more details on large, bright Barco display models 
  • Designed for medical use: cleanable and compliant with international medical safety and emission standards (CE, UL, etc.).

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