Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy is an integral part of our corporate strategy, 'Enabling bright outcomes'. Because we believe growing our company goes hand in hand with helping our people and the communities around us thrive, while safeguarding our planet. That's why our sustainability strategy focuses on these three pillars: Planet, People, and Communities


Our sustainability pillars

Our planet 


We lower our own environmental footprint and that of our customers.

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We invest in sustainable employability by engaging our people and encouraging them to learn and develop themselves in a healthy and inclusive workplace.

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We play an active role in the communities we operate in by upholding the highest ethical and quality standards and expecting the same from our business partners. We always aim to deliver value-add for our customers through our solutions, services and capabilities. Furthermore we also help ensure more people can participate in and benefit from the innovation society.

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United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals

We apply the United Nations Global Compact 10 principles and we use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guideline to shape our approach and scale up our contribution to the areas that matter most to society and where we can achieve the greatest impact.

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Sustainability management

Strong governance structures, clear lines of accountability and professional management systems enable us to ensure continuous improvement in sustainability performance and to achieve the targets of our Go for Sustainable Impact program. Find out more on our sustainability management on this page.

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